Resources Roundup: Covid-19 management resources for heritage collections

Social distancing, medieval style: keeping 2m apart with the help of a lance; Verdun Breviary, Bibliothèque-Discothèque Intercommunale de Verdun

The Resources Roundup started as a simple blog post, way back when Covid-19 was a new thing. Then I hoped that it would be short lived, and everything would be done and dusted by summer 2020. But, like my calling the 2015 general election result, the 2016 Brexit referendum result and the 2017 US election result completely wrong, I should have known better.

The Resources Roundup has been a really positive focus for the periods of lockdown and intermittent recovery and reopening in 2020 and now 2021. I trawl social media and circulation lists for new information and resources on how we can learn from best practice around the world , sharing it in this frequently updated spreadsheet. It is now in its 21st edition, and has grown to include tabs on wellbeing, funding, engagement, evaluation and collecting Covid. Just to get all our trials into one document, I have even added a Brexit tab. The spreadsheet is completely open access, but if you can mention this website or tag me on social media when you do share that would be great. My Twitter hashtag is @TinMillPress, and my Facebook page is

I am always pleased to have feedback: if you have other information you have found useful to share with the heritage community please do drop me a line. Likewise, if you find a link on the spreadsheet that no longer works please let me know. As always, please feel free to contact me without obligation should you need assistance or advice, I am always happy to help.

This version was uploaded on 9 October 2021.